Meal Prepping

So many of my friends ask me from time to time how I lost the weight and like so many others who have began their weight loss journey it started with that one day. That one day that you realize I’m done with the person I have become and I am going to do something about it. Now for me I am on a very tight budget when it comes to grocery shopping and to eat healthier we all know cost more money and that should not be an excuse. However, right now the cost of living does make it harder to stay on track. To stay on track I started meal prepping to help me budget and also stay on track








Then to go with meal prepping it also kept me accountable each week with posting what I prepared so then it just becomes routine. I usually do mine every Sunday or Monday, Monday is better because I work Tuesday through Saturday so it is perfect to do 5 at a time. I also use My Fitness Pal to help me track my intake with calories, fat, carbs and protein. Just using MFP and meal prepping alone will help you get on track. Helps with staying focused and when you food is proportion then it will help you not to over eat. Now with that being said don’t starve yourself. If your hungry EAT and if you have left overs that’s good! Losing weight the right way is not about starving yourself because you will gain it back and usually with extra pounds to go along with it.

I have my cheat moments and you should allot yourself to indulge in the foods you like but also be smart about it. You want chocolate cake then eat it earlier in your day and try to go for a smaller piece. I was always told to have a cheat day that way you can have some of the foods you miss so much but instead of having a day of eating like crap and then feeling horrible the next day or even few days because you are bloated and now having to get rid of all of it out of your system, doesn’t it make more since to just kick a little more booty at the gym so you can have that little something you have been craving every now and then? I think it does and that’s how I do it.  This is just step 1.










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