My name is Libby and I wanted to start a blog to help with my journey to being the best version of myself I can be. It started about 2 years ago when I decided to lose weight and be healthy. Not because a doctor told me I had to or because society made me feel like I needed to, it was because I knew I needed it. I was slowly approaching my 30th birthday and knew that I did not want to go into my 3o’s being over weight and I didn’t. By the time I turned 3o which was in November  of 2015 I was already down over 40 pounds.


So now that I have already started my journey which I documented a lot with my Instagram page I thought it was time to branch out and start a blog. This way I can share more like recipes or even what I meal prep each week. Instagram has been very helpful with keeping me on track and even with finding others to keep me inspired, now I hope I can inspire others more. You can also stay connected with me, I have linked my Instagram to my blog.